Lana Church, LCSW

Lana Church, LCSW


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Hill Hall 421

Office Hours

In-person: Mondays 1 - 6 and Wednesdays 12 - 8Virtual: As needed

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified School Social Worker, Certified Gerontologist, Advocate for Victims of Domestic Violence, and Founding Faculty Co-Advisor for the ФА Honor Society for Social Work, мυ ηυ χι Chapter. Professional experience includes medical and psychiatric social work, casework with the homeless youth and survivors of domestic violence. At present time, a teaching instructor at Rutgers University, Director of SW Field Education, and BCWEP Campus Coordinator, training students in social work competencies and coaching agency social workers in student supervision. Church volunteers as a member of the Advisory Board for Salvation Army – NJ and serves on the NASW-NJ Board of Directors as the Regional Representative

Courses Taught

SW Sr. Field II

SW Sr. Field I

SW Seminar II

SW Seminar I

SW Professional Development

Human Behavior in Social Environment

Introduction to Social Work

Research Initiatives

Early career experiences of recent BSW graduates

Latinx career experiences

Emotional intelligence, attachment, and supervision

PTSD, violence, severe and persistent mental illness, and mindfulness


Rutgers University Recognition Award 2011


MSW (Master's Degree in Social Work) - Rutgers University

B.A. (Psychology) – New Jersey City University


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Certified School Social Worker

Certified Gerontologist


Sloan-Power, E., Boxer, P., McGuirl, C. & Church, R. (2013). Coping zone construction and mapping: An exploratory study of contextual coping, PTSD and childhood violence exposure in urban areas. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 28(9), 1741–1764.

Pinto-Figuroa, S. & Church, R. (In progress). Early career patterns for social work graduates.

Eversman, M.E., Bird, J.P., Church, R. (In progress). Family Policies.

Associated Programs

In addition to Field Education administration and teaching, Lana Church serves as a faculty advisor for the ФА Honor Society for Social Work, мυ ηυ χι chapter