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My main areas of interest are mass media and cultural studies, social inequality, and international migration, especially as they relate to issues of adaptation and social change as reflected over and through both time and space.

Courses Taught

My most recent courses taught have been Research Methods
(I & II), Data Analysis, Sociological Theory, Stratification and Global Inequality.


PhD in Sociology, Rutgers University, 2006



Keogan, Kevin. 2010. Immigrants and the Cultural Politics of Place: A Comparative Study of New York and Los Angeles. El Paso: LFB Scholarly (part of The New Americans series).

Articles and Essays:       

Keogan, Kevin. 2011. “International Migrants and Globalization: Contradictions, Conflict, and Unintended Consequences” in Sangeeta Parashar and Yong Wang (Eds.) Inequality in a Globalizing World: Perspectives, Processes, and Experiences. Kendall Hunt Publishing.

Keogan, Kevin. 2006. “Between the Past and the Future: The ‘Present’ Politics of U.S. Immigration,” p.p. 133-154 in Michael Ian Borer (Ed.) Varieties of Urban Experience: The American City and the Practice of Culture. Lanham, MD: University Press of America.

Keogan, Kevin. 2002. “A Sense of Place: The Politics of Immigration and the Symbolic Construction of Identity in Southern California and the New York Metropolitan Area.”Sociological Forum, 17 (2): 223-53.

Keogan, Kevin. 2001. “Los Angeles” and “New York City” in Encyclopedia of American Immigration (pp. 909-921, 945-956). James Ciment, Editor. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe.