Katie Singer

Katie Singer


katie.singer [at] rutgers.edu

Office Location

326 Conklin Hall

175 University Avenue
Newark, NJ 07102

Research Interests: African-American History and Culture; specifically, Great Migration Era, oral histories, historical commemoration, and women’s activism.

My current book project, Newark’s Great Migration: Oral History and the Retelling of a Story utilizes a collection comprised of over 100 interviews conducted by peers. The book looks at issues and lifestyles specific to Newark and yet common to the experience of many urban residents of the 20th century. From the Black church to labor issues, to the 1967 rebellion, the book tells a story of an urban history through the voices that lived it.

I teach undergraduate courses in African-American History, Literature, and Film; oral history;academic and creative writing; and American Studies.

Courses Taught

African-American Studies

Introduction to African-American Studies
African-American Literature
Gender and Race in American Film


Digital History
Introduction to American History
The History of Newark
Urban History through Oral History

American Studies

Introduction to American Studies


Creative Writing: Fiction
College Writing Workshop (Composition)
Writing Skills Workshop (Basic Writing)
Research Writing Workshop; Focuses on Sports, African Americans, Gender, Poetry


Ph.D., American Studies, Rutgers University, 2017


“Responsible Relationships in Historical Commemoration,” NCPH History@Work, National Council on Public History

“Narrative of the Krueger-Scott Mansion Project: Constructing African-American History,” New Jersey Studies, New Jersey Historical Commission