Jesse Liss

Jesse Liss


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Based on teaching and research experiences in New York City, Mexico City, and central Pennsylvania, my classroom aim is a collaborative learning environment in which students find their own voice.

Courses Taught


John Jay (CUNY); Lehman College (CUNY)

Methods of Social Research

Bloomsburg University; Lehman College (CUNY)

Urban Sociology

Bloomsburg University; City College (CUNY); John Jay (CUNY)

Race & Ethnicity

Bloomsburg University


Bloomsburg University

Introduction to Sociology

Rutgers University-Newark; Fashion Institute of Technology

Migration and Crime

John Jay (CUNY)

Sociology of Law

Rutgers University-Newark; John Jay (CUNY)

Political Sociology

John Jay (CUNY)

The War on Drugs

Medgar Evers (CUNY)


Liss, Jesse. 2020. Globalization as Ideology: China’s Effects on Organizational Advocacy and Relations Among US Trade Policy Stakeholder Groups, Review of International Political Economy

Liss, Jesse. 2019. Social and Political Drivers of the Reorientation of U.S. Trade Policy: The Case of US Withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Social Currents6(3):199–218,

Liss, Jesse. 2019. The Origins, Purposes, and Negotiations of the NAFTA Investment Agreements: Implications for Renegotiations and Integration with China, Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce 45 (2)