Jennifer Duprey

Jennifer Duprey


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Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies
 Conklin Hall
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I am an associate professor of the literature, history and culture of the modern and contemporary Iberian Peninsula specifically the Catalan, Basque and Galician traditions with research and teaching interests on Iberian intellectual history; transatlantic studies; comparative literature; critical and literary theory; cultural studies; gender studies; philosophical approaches to theater and visual studies. My recent work has been located at the intersections of the tradition of Spanish and Catalan Theater and particular instantiations of the dialectic of modernity. My research as a scholar of Iberian studies has a strong transatlantic component whose comparative dimensions I have been pursuing in both my scholarship and teaching.   I have a strong interest in transatlantic studies, not only because these are inherently interdisciplinary, but also because I am critically engaged with the very theorizations of the concepts such as “Transatlantic” and “Crossing” as these have historically created and continue to create ideological discourses around political and cultural relations in both sides of the Atlantic.  I am also a member of the graduate faculty in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Rutgers New Brunswick.     

Courses Taught

 . Introduction to Spanish Peninsular Literature

· Introduction to Latin American Literature

· Contemporary Hispanic Theater

· Theater in Franco and Post-Franco Spain

· Literature and Culture in Post-Franco Spain

· Narratives of the Country and the City in Spanish Peninsular Literature

· Spanish Literature of the Enlightenment and Romanticism

· The Spanish Civil War in the Cultural Memory: Literature, Film and Art

· Introduction to Literary Theory

· Childhood and Violence: Spanish and Latin American Film

· Modern and Cotemporary Catalan and Galician Literature in Translation

· Twentieth Century Spanish Literature: Poetry and Prose

· Women Writers of Spain

· Barcelona 1900

· Hispanic Women Writers

· Latin American Short Story

· Family and Nation in Contemporary Spanish Film

· The Catalan Renaixença


· Identity and Subjectivity in Late Modernity: Catalan Theater and Poetry (Rutgers University, New Brunswick-Fall 2014)

· Spanish Peninsular Theater and 19th to 20th Century Political Thought (Rutgers University, New Brunswick- Fall 2012)




Ph.D., Romance Studies, Cornell University
M.A., Hispanic Literatures and Cultures, New York University in Madrid
B.A., Hispanic Studies, University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedras



The Aesthetics of the Ephemeral: Memory Theaters in Contemporary Barcelona. SUNY University Press, July 2014. (Nominated for the 2015 North American Catalan Society Prize for Outstanding Research in the Field of Catalan Studies) Reviewed in Caplletra, Hispanic Review, Catalan Review and Dissidences

Edited Journals or Books

Whose Voice Is This? Iberian and Latin American Antigones. Jennifer Duprey, Ed. Hispanic Issues-On Line Series, Volume 13 (2013).

Chapters in Books

. “Persephone’s Invisible Threads: on The Body’s Reason by Maria Mercè Marçal.” Reading Maria-Mercè Marçal: Aesthetics, Poetry and Feminism Noelia Díaz-Vicedo and Dominic Keown Eds. Journal of Catalan Studies. Occasional Publications Collection, Anglo-Catalan Society, November 2017.

· “The Exile as Disinherited: Pere Calders in México.” The Iberian, Lusophone and Latin American Transatlantic Studies Reader. Enjuto-Rangel, Cecilia; Sebastiaan Faber; and Pedro García Caro Eds. Forthcoming, Liverpool UP 2018.

· “A Palimpsestuous Adaptation: Benet i Jornet’s La Plaça del Diamant.” Avenues of Translation: The City in Iberian and Latin American Writing. Regina Galasso and Evelyn Scaramella Eds. Forthcoming Bucknell UP 2018.

· “Joan Salvat-Papasseit: Between Tradition and Innovation or The Form as an Open-Ended Enquiry.” The Challenge of Modernity: Avant-Garde Cultural Practices in Spain, 1914-1936. Gregori, Eduardo and Juan Herrero-Senés, Eds. Rodopi/Brill 2016: 95-115.

· “Memory and Urban Landscapes in Contemporary Catalan Theater: Benet i Jornet’s Olors and Jordi Coca’s Antigone.” New Spain; New Literatures. Ed. by Luis Martín-Estudillo and Nicholas Spadaccini. Hispanic Issues Series, Vol. 37: Vanderbilt University Press, (2010): 61-79.

Articles in Refereed Journals

.  “Cara de Plata y lo grotesco modernista,” David Rodríguez Solas and Esther Fernández Eds. Romance Quarterly, Forthcoming 2018.  

. “A Language of Pain: Terror and Tragic Virtue in La doble historia del Doctor Valmy,” Forthcoming 2018 Bulletin of Hispanic Studies.

· “Travesía de una utopía rota: ekphrasis e historia en El hombre que amaba a los perros de Leonardo Padura”, Special Issue Revista Iberoamericana, Leonardo Padura y la poética de una nueva escritura política. Ana María Amar Sánchez and Claudia Hammerschmidt Eds. Forthcoming 2018.

· “Barcelona: La otra Zobeida” Estreno. Special Issue on Globalization and Theater. Ed. John P. Gabriele. 40.1 (2014)

· “Antigone and the Poliethical Life.” Hispanic Issues-On Line Series 13 (2013): 1-23.

· “Jorge Semprún: la escritura, la vida y la representación del Holocausto” Hispanófila 169 (2013): 51-65.

· “The Spanish Civil War and the Aesthetics of the Ominous in Els nens perduts del franquisme” Journal of Catalan Studies (2012): 69-93.

· “Anagnôrisis, Political Recognition and Justice in Salvador Espriu’s Antígona” Catalan Review 23 (2009): 211-227.

· “La escenificación del mestizaje: Temptació de Carles Batlle” Gestos 47 (2009): 47-73.

“Memoria y violencia: el mito de Caín y Abel en la representación de la guerra en Cuánta, cuánta guerra de Mercè Rodoreda” Hispanófila 151 (2007): 77-91.

· “La Plaza del Diamante: memoria de lo innombrable” Revista de Estudios Hispánicos 21.2 (2004): 91-101.