Fei Zhang

Fei Zhang


fz124 [at] newark.rutgers.edu



Research Initiatives

Research in my lab is focused on understanding how biological molecular building blocks self-assemble into nanoarchitectures with structural complexity and functional diversity, elucidating the molecular interactions and mechanisms of assembly exhibit in nature, and focusing on structural DNA and RNA nanotechnology especially for establishing a diverse set of fundamental design principles for various architectures. Ultimately, we aim to gain structural, mechanical, and biological insights into manipulation of matter on the nanometer scale, and to expand a catalog of DNA/RNA/Proteins self-assembled nano‑devices in capable of programmable molecular behaviors and pathways.


  • 2018 Robert Dirks Molecular Programming Prize
  • 2015 Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Arizona State University
  • 2011 First Year Doctoral Student Fellowship, Arizona State University
  • 2010 National Fund for Fostering Talents of Basic Sciences, Peking University
  • 2006 First prize of Olympic Intelligence Competition in Chemistry, China
  • 2006 Second prize of Olympic Intelligence Competition in Mathematics, China


Assistant Research Professor, Arizona State University (2015-2019)

Ph.D. Arizona State University (2015)


Materials & Biochemistry