Ashaki Rouff

Ashaki Rouff


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Office Location

101 Warren Street,
Smith Hall Room 135
Newark, New Jersey, 07102

My research explores the behavior of inorganic and organic contaminants in aqueous geochemical (soil, sediment) and engineered (wastewaters) settings. The mechanisms and kinetics of contaminant interactions with mineral phases determine the mobility and bioaccessibility of these species in affected systems. Understanding these processes has important implications for predicting the fate of contaminant species in the environment.

We use laboratory-based model systems, field work, and advanced molecular-scale techniques; as applied to the areas of contaminant geochemistry, urban geochemistry, and sustainable geochemistry. Current research topics include the assessment of heavy metal contamination of human-impacted soils, and the evaluation of alternative mineral fertilizers as related to the sustainable use of natural resources.

Courses Taught

21:460:21 Introduction to Geochemistry

26:375:564 Urban and Applied Geochemistry


B.A. Middlebury College, 1998

PhD Stony Brook University, 2004


Select Recent Publications

#Graduate student, †Undergraduate    Group Members are in Bold

#Goswami, O. and A.A. Rouff (2022) A National Framework for Establishing a Circular Economy for Phosphorus Journal of Science Policy & Governance 20.

#Goswami, O. and A.A. Rouff (2022) Interaction of Divalent Metals with Struvite: Sorption, Reversibility, and Implications for Mineral Recovery from Wastes Environmental Technology, 1-34

#Barreto, M.S.C., J. Schellekens, #M.V. Ramlogan, A. A. Rouff, E.J. Elzinga, P, Vidal-Torrado, L.R.F. Alleoni (2021) Effects of horticulture on soil organic matter properties in highly weathered tropical soils Soil & Tillage Research 213 105156.

#Rabinovich, A., J.R. Heckman, B. Lew and A.A. Rouff (2021) Magnesium Supplementation for Improved Struvite Recovery from Dairy Lagoon Wastewater  Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 9, 105628.

#Barreto M.S.C., #M. V. Ramlogan, D.M. Oliveira, E.E. Verburg,  E.J. Elzinga, A.A. Rouff., M. Jemo, L.R.F. Alleoni (2021) Thermal Stability of Soil Organic Carbon After Long-Term Manure Application Across Land Uses And Tillage Systems In An Oxisol Catena, 200, 105164.

#Rabinovich, A. and A.A. Rouff (2021) Effect of Phenolic Organics on the Precipitation of Struvite from Simulated Dairy Wastewater ACS EST Water 1, 910–918

#Goswami, O. and A.A. Rouff (2021) Soil Lead Concentration and Speciation in Community Farms of Newark, New Jersey, USA. Soil Systems 5, 2

#Barreto M.S.C., E.J. Elzinga, #M. V. Ramlogan, A.A. Rouff., L.R.F. Alleoni (2021) Calcium enhances adsorption and thermal stability of organic compounds on soil minerals, Chemical Geology 559, 119804.

#Ramlogan, M.V., #A. Rabinovich and A.A. Rouff (2020) Thermochemical Analysis of Ammonia Gas Sorption by Struvite from Livestock Wastes and Comparison with Biochar and Metal–Organic Framework Sorbents Environmental Science & Technology, 54, 13264–13273.

#Ramlogan, M.V., D. Arrue and A.A. Rouff (2018) Evaluation of Heat-Treated Struvite as a Non-Conventional Sorbent for Ammonia Gas using STA-PTA-FTIR. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 6, 2461-2469.